Flying without wings.


I once sat down and thought that maybe flying was meant only for those animals having wings like eagles, doves and insects. But again as I kept on diving deep in my thoughts I realized that flying does not require wings to do so example an ostrich has wings and it can’t fly!  But there are some snakes and dolphins are capable of flying too and they don’t have wings.
After reasoning, it’s when I came to realize that flying it’s just a state of mind. If you aim higher you will definitely fly too no matter the height.
I might be confusing you a little bit here but when I say flying I mean reaching to the top of your game.  Your game may be your job carrier, family, business or anything you name it. All of them does not need you to have wings to do so,  they just require you to work hard and commit so as to reach there.  Nothing can go up without the use of energy, so do whatever it takes and use your energy effectively so that you can fly.
“If flying feels too much for you it’s allowed to run but make sure you have enough speed and can jump too” said Leopard.

The people around us.

     The world is round and keeps on going around,  same as the things and people around us whom they keep on going and moving.
        Yes there are people around us and of course we are also among the people around others, so we observe and learn different things from others.            
Things we learn might be useful or useless but it’s upon us to choose what kind of lesson is worthy to take.
       We should all understand that we are like the book which the people around us reads daily, a book that anyone can have access to it both children, adults, literate, illiterate, abled, disabled and even animals too. They simply learn through our actions and words.
         So before we act, let’s be sure that our actions have positive impact and when we speak let’s be sure that our words are full of wisdom, love, joy and encouragement because all that we do affects the people around us.

Be that person. 

They may be going through ups and downs or storms and fire.  And when they look around they see nobody to help them out.  The world feels like a living hell to them.  Hardly breath, hates the nights because all are sleepless, hates the food because it’s tasteless, even the clothes they put on feels like a burden too… 

But you and I can do some small acts and make them see this world as a paradise. We don’t have to be too rich or famous to make that happen. All we need is to give and show part  of our humanity to them. 

Let’s be the reason they see good in whatever has happened into their lives and whatever they are going through.  Be the reason they sleep and hope for the new day,  be the reason they work hard, laugh and love.  In darkness be their light, in hate be their love, in sadness be their joy, in sickness be their health… make them see the good in all colours and appreciate the black and whites,   make them enjoy every season of the year either it’s summer, autumn, spring or winter. Make them enjoy the sound of nature like birds, caves, animals, forests and waterfalls.  Be the reason they look at the moon at night and wink to the twinkling stars.  Be that person whom when they look they say,  because of you we made it here. 


It can be wrapped in a beautiful gift paper or cloth, kept in an envelope or a simple gift bag and sometimes it may be given while it’s visible/seen.  It can be something which is too expensive or just cheap. Anyone is allowed to give it to anybody they feel like giving but receiving it is optional either to accept it or refuse depending on the situation or relationship between the two. 

A simple definition of it is, “A gift is anything given voluntary”  This means you have to wait for them to give you without asking them to unless they promise and ask you to remind them.  

Again,  there is this kind of expectations you might have especially when gifting someone.. something like maybe they will be too surprised to a point of crying or jumping out of joy or even hugging and kissing you.  These expectations might turn as you thought and sometimes might end up dissapointing you..,  now you come to a point where by you must know that there are different kinds of people having different ways of showing joy when they receive a gift and from this knowledge you won’t be dissapointed again. 

Some gifts do last longer like for years even for life time and there are those that last only for a short period of time but still they bear a same name gift.  

Many people love receiving gifts but it’s hard for them to give.  And in most scenarios the one giving out is the one who receives most.  So always remember that if you like to be given a gift learn to gift others too and vice versa is true. 

It’s within your Power.

The beginning can never determine the ending and every ending is not the outcome of the beginning.  

You can change the ending it’s not too late for that. It doesn’t matter what they said to you or what you heard, just don’t give up. 

We may have a bad and a painful beginning but we should learn to see the good in everything simply by considering the pains and badlucks as life lessons and challenges. 

Some people are lucky that they both have a good beginning same as the ending, but some have neither both.  For the latter group it doesn’t mean that you were destined to be that way, it may be due to some circumstances within your power like ego that you think others can’t help you because you know better especially when you compare your life status and theirs or sometimes it’s due to lack of confidence that you fear asking for advice hence you fail in each and whatever you do. 

Let me tell you this,  good interaction with people around us can change us and bring the best out of us through talking, sharing ideas,  seeking advices and so forth.

So we should learn to value everyone since we never know who has the key to unlock our successful good ending .

Things happen fortuitous. 

While growing up, I usually hear them saying that, everything happens for a reason and wished that one day I will know the reason behind

We meet a lot of different people having different personalities which are either good or bad. Some people stay in our lives and bring more blessings, some come and go and some disappear forever. Days, weeks, months and years pass-by wishing them to change their minds and come back to us some days.  Some of our wishes are brought to life by the universe and some becomes like a silent sobbing cry for a moon. 

We should be grateful when those people don’t return because we never know what if they bring more storms just to make our lives more than a mess.   So whatever happens to us we should learn to have gratitude in everything. 

Remember, life is like an elevator; on your way up sometimes you have to stop and let some people off.



It’s a simple word which carries a huge impact in our daily lives that’s why even our parents when they raise us usually insist on using this word regardless on religion, tribe or nationality. 

It’s a formal way of greeting each other at home, school and work. It can be done face to face, by use of signs or by the use of phone calls and short texts. Just imagine how good it feels when someone greets you and how annoying it is when someone ignores to greet you purposely !!
If we use it wisely it can transform strangers to friends, friends to relatives or even family….and if we misuse the word it can create enemity among our society.
Many leaders can not start giving out their speech before making salutations to the audience first. If you have ever come across people  who never use this word it simply means they lack communication skills and something should be done like educating them on the importance of it. 

Everyday and anywhere you are and go remember to say Hello to people around you. 

Face the challenges don’t compete.

People have been confusing between  these two terms in life especially when it comes in implementing them.. the two miscellaneous terms  are challenges and competition whose both target is acquiring success. 
Some challenges are competitions but not all competitions are challenges…sounds little bit confusing right!!!?  Well if we set our mindsets to understand these terms, surely we will be transformed from one level to the next. I won’t give their clear definitions but slowly we will all feel at home in my thoughts space and understand the concept. 

Competition comes when we envy some people around us and get the urge like we need to be better than them, hence we find ourselves immitating what they do and do it in a best way just to be above them. As we all know that competition is kind of stressful especially when the person you are competing with is always winning no matter how hard we try. 

Speaking about challenges… they happen in an expected manner and their aim is to mould and prepare us fit for the future. When we face them what is usually done is finding a suitable way to make things easier again. They can make you successful either financially or enrich your mindset. 

The world record of most successful people they usually testify that they faced challenges and none said they competed. 

I hope you have arrived at my thoughts space, feel at home..thanks 

New Year!!!

Everytime it has been like a custom for people all over the world to celebrate and wish each other a happy joyous blessed new year. 
Some stay at home, some go church and others go different luxurious places just to wait for the new year and celebrate it with their loved ones. 

Some are blessed to enter it healthy, safe and alive while others fail to do so. A lot of scenarios occur during the new year.

Lot of people set plenty of goals for them to fulfill like more success, more income, enlarge their territories economically, socially, politically and spiritually.  Some even decide to cut connections and relationships with some other people saying they don’t contribute anything in their life than backfiring them. 

In all cases there must be a point where we should all have enough wisdom when it comes in starting a new year.. Let’s not do things in an ordinary manner just because others do it. If we keep doing that we won’t get anywhere.  

Let the new year give you a good mentality that can reason things rationally and logically, that can make you tackle any challenges no matter the weather, that can differentiate you from others.

Happy new year everyone 

Happy again! 

It was hard to believe that things fell apart just easy like that. The smiles I used to see, the voices and laughters I used to hear, the hands I used to hold and  the arms that made me felt like I was already home all disappeared at once. 
It was hard to believe that I became lonely all over sudden.  The only voices I could hear was a wind breeze, ocean waves, dogs barking at night without forgetting those terrific sounds of owls that made me felt like I was caged in the underworld.  My eyes were dripping tears of pains and the heart was hurt at it’s climax level. It took me many days and nights hoping to heal from the situation. 

The day came when I discovered that I was responsible for creating my own joy. I was wrong giving the key of my joy to other people. People will always hurt me no matter how hard I try to please them.  I learned to find joy in every little things I did.  This mentality changed the broken part of me. It made me whom I am today. 

People who hurted  me are now surprised to see that am happy again, they wish they could be the reason for it but fortunately I won’t give them the key to it again. Some thought I will be carrying grudges for them but my heart has no room for that. 

It’s my time to move on and discover my other potentials and work on them effectively.  Hope they will get used to the new me though I keep changing colors  like a chameleon.