It’s a simple word,

That takes only few seconds to say it,

But it’s impact lasts.. 

There are several ways of saying it,

Politely or aggressively.

Many people dislike it,

Especially when it’s the only reply to them.

They like the opposite one,

No matter the outcome.

But don’t fear saying it, 

Whenever you think it’s necessary. 

When your rights are abused,

Just say it. 

No man has ever regretted, 

Just by saying it. 

Even freedom is achieved, 

Simply by saying no to oppression. 


Be your own motivation

Everyday is an opportunity to create your own opportunity.
I don’t care how many times you’ve failed.
There’s no monument for failures.
A man who is not better than his ancestors is a total disgrace to his generation.
Remind yourself that you’ve got a success DNA in you.
If it must be, it is up to you.
The floor is too crowded. There’s a better place at the top.
The future is now. Let’s make it happen. There’s no future except the one you create.
Impossibility is a hopeless bastard
Until you succeed, your enemies will never celebrate you.
When you do what Champions do, you too will become one.
Success is very romantic!
Create your own sunshine.
Be your own motivation.

Catherine Mmari

Take a holiday.

Everyone loves being in a holiday.. It’s the best time to spend with family and our beloved ones especially after having a very long time of working or studying. In holiday we refresh, rest, and exchange ideas with different people apart from those we have been seeing everyday.

Speaking of holiday in a dramatic way…is giving yourself time away from anything that drains your energy. It may be an emotional thing bothering you, friendship or relationship,.. One thing I can tell you is just learn to give yourself a holiday. It doesn’t matter if it will take you a period of time or forever but give yourself time to recover. When you learn that there are things that can’t be changed no matter how hard we try just take a holiday. Spend time with different people, go different places, try doing new things and trust me after your holiday you will be a new person from inside-out.


The power of daring.

You can not be successful in life if you aren’t ready to take risks. Risks are very painful but if you endure them you will turn out to be a winner. Risking is doing something while expecting two outcomes either to gain or to lose.

Most people expect gaining first without thinking that they might lose, and when it happens they have lost they become frightened not to dare again.

But let me tell you one thing, there is a miracle in daring. No matter how many circumstances you may encounter do not be afraid and never give up. When things you do doesn’t seem to turn out the way you expect just push until they move. No man that ever dared turned out to be a failure.


Mental health.

Achieving the greatest in life needs a healthy mind. You can not think critically and reasonably if your mentality is twisted. A lot of successful people knows how to deal with their mental health and that’s why it becomes easy for them to reach their goals. Having a disturbed mind can cause sadness, stress, heart diseases, psychological disorders and even death.

Here are some hints used to deal with mental disorder.

  • Spend time with friends who will make you forget all about your problems and loneliness.
  • Find time for yourself by doing meditation in calm and silent place.
  • Music is also a best therapy, take time and listen.
  • Read inspirational books and articles.
  • Play games, they will help in activating your body and mind.
  • You can cry out loud, it’s relieve hurt.
  • Drink much water and don’t forget to take your meal.
  • Above all pray, prayers have a huge impact.

There are plenty of techniques that people use just to assure that they are having a health mind. So always make sure your mentally fit.

Art is Powerful

Over thousands of years art has been part of our life. Everything we touch is a work of art even ourselves we are the greatest work of art ever been made. The work of art I like most is pictures of drawings.

Pictures of drawings carries a huge impact in the mind just by looking at it. Example the ancient pictures shows us how our ancestors used to live, how their clothes and houses looked like and so forth.

But not all pictures can give us an immediate meaning as we expect. Some can just be the confusing ideas of the painter presented in a paint which are very difficult to understand and these types are mostly found in museums just for people to see and enjoy.

The pictures that are sold most are those that once viewed gives a meaning. These kinds usually presents emotions,nature,food,styles, buildings etc.

Pictures are everywhere even if it is not in a paint it can be in a photograph. We all have to learn loving them because they always say, “Art speaks“. And am insisting that it surely speaks with a small inner voice created by your mind..just listen to it.